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Office of the President

Interim President
Dr. Radenka Maric

Dr. Radenka Maric was appointed interim president of the University of Connecticut by the Board of Trustees effective Feb. 1, 2022. She had served as UConn’s vice president for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship since 2017. Maric has been a faculty member and researcher since 2010 at the University, where she also is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor. Maric holds multiple patents, is an elected member of several prestigious professional organizations, published hundreds of scholarly works, received more than $40 million in research grants, and is fluent in four languages with a working knowledge of others.

Radenka Maric
"Each year UConn is hitting a new high in its academic excellence, creativity, research, global engagement, partnerships, and entrepreneurial activities. With the support of our state government, communities, and industry, we will continue to keep our students at the center of who we are and prepare them not just for good jobs, but also for leadership roles in addressing societal challenges."

Dr. Radenka Maric

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