Susan Herbst

Susan Herbst was appointed as the 15th President of the University of Connecticut by its Board of Trustees in December of 2010.

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  • Thank You, President Herbst
    As Susan Herbst prepares to complete her presidency, faculty, staff, students, and alumni reflect on the impact she has had on the UConn community over the past eight years.
  • The Susan Herbst Years, 2011-2019
    During her tenure, President Herbst has set a strong foundation on which UConn’s 16th president and coming generations of its students, faculty and staff, alumni, and others can build.
  • Summer Undergraduate Researcher Christian Connors ’20 (CLAS)
    'With insects, there is this hidden guild of organisms that are secretly controlling insect numbers,' says Christian Connors, who is conducting research on insect parasitoids.
  • ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Used Analytics to ‘Beat the Game’
    OPIM professor David Bergman says analytics and strategy helped recent game-show champion James Holzhauer dramatically increase his chance of success.
  • Common Steroid Could Soften Up Tumors for Chemo
    A drug used to alleviate side effects of cancer treatment may also make the treatment more successful if given beforehand, researchers say.
  • The American Jewish Year Book, a Record for Posterity
    Emeritus professor of sociology Arnold Dashefsky, co-author of the year book, discusses the importance of keeping records on the Jewish population in America, and the challenges of updating the publication.
  • New Husky One Cards Ready For Employee Pickup
    The new cards are now available to employees at the One Card Office, with student cards arriving in two weeks' time.
  • Horseshoe Crabs – The Fortunate Ones?
    The horseshoe crab has persisted, unchanged, for hundreds of millions of years. But now, its survival is threatened by the harvesting of its prized baby-blue blood. A team at UConn seeks to map its DNA and save it from extinction.
  • Series: Meet the Researcher
    Read about the paths that led researchers to their areas of expertise, and how their work leads to discoveries that impact scholarship, the economy, and our society.
  • The Good Boy of UConn
    Jonathan XIV answers your questions about UConn's top dog, with assistance from handler Marie-Claire 'M.C.' Meadows '20 (CLAS).

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